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When I established The Energy of Conversation in 2008, I focussed on leadership workshops and personal coaching sessions but the enterprise soon evolved into a training business where I could still use the skills I had learned when studying for my coaching diplomas. The success I had enabled me to start giving free talks on subjects close to my heart. And so now on my days off, I give regular voluntary talks in schools on animal welfare (on behalf of Compassion in World Farming) and animal rights (on behalf of Greens for Animal Protection).

I discovered the horrors of our farming systems and became a vegetarian in 2005 and went Vegan in 2016. Shortly after I wrote a song called Red Red World to describe the feelings I had when changing my lifestyle. The song became a soundtrack to a short film and has now also been released as a single in its own right. All royalties are being donated to animal charities & sanctuaries, and so if you would like to support the cause you can download a copy on Apple Music, Amazon Music, iTunes, Spotify etc. etc. just search for "Red Red World" or "David Finney".

Red Red World on iTunes:
Red Red World on iTunes

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Red Red World on YouTube

David Finney, The Energy of Conversation, 2018