- Corporate -

The tutor David was amazing! Really explained things well and got us all involved. I usually get tired during training courses as there is so much listening but this was a lot of activities which made it more fun and a good challenge. Really enjoyed it and could not of asked for a better tutor, thanks David!
- Really enjoyed the course; David Finney provided a structured, enjoyable, humorous training opportunity to transition to 9001/14001:2015. A very knowledgeable Audit professional who is able to get the technical message across in what seems like a low level, non-technical manner but is chocked full of personal and professional anecdotes. I would want to attend any training that David was delivering.
- Trainer was excellent. Very engaging and kept things very simple and easy to understand and found a way to relate to everybody. David was very welcoming and friendly and engaging which also is a great skill to have. Happy to pass the course too.
- Our tutor (David) made sure that everybody had a chance to contribute and for their opinion to be heard. Case studies very entertaining; to watch auditors auditing each other and our different approaches. Thoroughly enjoyed it!
ISO 9001:2015 Course Delegates, June 2017

- The main thing for me was David the trainer. I have never done ISO/ Internal auditing before so was very nervous. He made me feel at ease, stopped me from worrying too much and was very supportive. 15/10 for David! ISO 9001:2015 Course Delegate, May 2017
- David the lecturer is an absolute star, actively encourages interaction between the students, and his role play characters deserve an Oscar. Paul Stedman, Hyphose Ltd
- This course is one of the best I've attended. Andy Major, Pario Limited
- The trainer David was extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable, which made the course very enjoyable. Gareth Darling, Whale Munster Simms Engineering Ltd
- I came to the course nervous and apprehensive, but found the preparation materials that I'd been given were spot on. The trainer, David, was brilliant, and the course itself very enjoyable. Andrew Carter (I can hardly believe that I passed the course - receiving my certificate was up there with the most joyous of life's moments. It can only have been the teaching that enabled this almost beginner to get there.)
- David as an instructor was excellent - he gave me confidence that I am able to become a successful 3rd party auditor." Delegates attending an ISO 9001:2015 ALA BATALAS TRAINING COURSE (May 2016)

"At the outset of this process the team was in a transitionary period and less familiar with all the requirements of the [ISO 27001:2013] Standard, and therefore heavily reliant on the consultancy received - it was very much a learning process. Against this background we needed David to effectively tell us what to do and keep pushing us forward, keeping us on track - which he did. He was always pro-active and responsive; focused on the key issues and maximised the use of his time with us." Carys Jones, Director, BMG Research (Nov 2015)

"David provided a consultancy service which resulted in us achieving ISO 9001:2008 certification. David helped us to capture and articulate our current processes and ensured we were in the best position possible to implement our quality management system. David worked closely with our newly appointed Quality Manager and delivered a structured plan and training program that put us in the best position possible to achieve our goal. David's detailed, yet flexible, approach and clear passion for quality management provided both momentum and energy for everyone involved in the project. If the need arose, I would not hesitate to use David's services again." Peter Mann, Business Unit Director, Kantar Worldpanel UK (Dec 2014)

"David helped us design and implement our Information Management System that resulted in certification to ISO 27001:2013. He has a very structured and no-nonsense approach to project management and a key for us was that he really understood our culture. He kept us on track and working with focus, whilst helping us retain a sense of realism and a degree of good humour. The latter not to be under-estimated!" Sue Homeyard, MD Operations (July 2014)

"David was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic in helping us develop our Information Security Management System. He was able to clearly explain our requirements against the standard and any changes we needed to implement, and he was always on hand to answer any queries we had in his always friendly manner. David certainly exceeded our expectations and the fact that we were accredited against the standard with no non conformances at the first attempt is in no small part down to his knowledge, planning and assistance. David and I remain in touch to discuss security matters and it feels more like a friendship than a professional association. I would highly recommend David to anyone." Richard King, Technical Director, BMG (June 2014)

"David's teaching style is very effective, he is extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter and has a great way of bringing the course to life ... David was very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful ... The course presenter was very engaging ... David was an excellent instructor ... Excellent tutor ... Trainer was excellent". Feedback from Delegates after Quality Management courses in Wakefield & Milton Keynes (April 2014)

"David worked with our business, to design and implement a training programme specifically around Healthcare and the continous changes required to be fully compliant in the ever changing Healthcare business. David worked well across all streams of the business and was very flexible and adaptable to our needs. I have worked with David in previous roles at TNS and yet again I found David to be reliable and completely trustworthy. Thank you David. I am sure we will work together again in the future." Sam Scott, Head of Fieldwork, IPSOS MORI (Dec 2013)

"I am delighted to have worked with David on many occasions in Quality Management training courses, (e.g. delivering the Pera IRCA Registered Lead Auditor Course). David is an extremely effective trainer who creates a positive and relaxed training environment. Within this environment delegates feel comfortable to try out ideas and to reach the correct conclusions for themselves. He makes sure everyone can contribute and reinforces important points with excellent examples from his extensive experience. Delegates find his training style to be interactive, enjoyable and useful. They also rate his performance extremely highly and go on to achieve high exam marks." Steve Meakin, Senior Consultant, PERA Training (May 2013)

"We found the staff survey really helpful. Your questionnaire is very comprehensive and I particularly welcomed the section on outputs and retention which don't always appear on employee attitude surveys." Dr Liz Nelson OBE, Chairman, Fly Research (Mar 2012)

"I would like to commend the performance management and coaching programme you provided for Spectrum's Management Team. They learnt a great deal from the programme, including sound practical skills which they employ regularly. As a result of the programme the management team now have a set of skills which they understand and utilise. The end result of this is the team is now pulling together, they are no longer desperate individuals. This is having a beneficial effect on how they feel about work, they enjoy it so much more. This in turn impacts clients and ultimately the business, which enjoys a high level of repeat business. I highly commend the programme. The follow up sessions you have organised have also done much to re-affirm the learning and have ensured the learnt behaviour has become truly embedded within the organisation." Trish Parker, Director, Discovery (Dec 2011)

"This was a great course which you tailored specifically to our needs and budget. The training was relevant and very well presented - working in groups and actually carrying out the theories worked well and gave everyone the confidence to put their learning into practice." Joy Barraclough, Group HR Manager, Optimisa (Aug 2011)

"David designed a series of lessons for our staff and was so flexible he even changed it half way through to make sure we got the most out of it. He managed to distil complicated coaching theory into practical exercises that quickly got people to the point where they felt more confident and more equipped to deal with difficult situations in the workplace. This is definitely something that every researcher should do at some stage in their career - preferably earlier rather than later." Alex Charlton, Partner, Essential (Jan 2011)

"David has done a tremendous job and I would highly recommend him. David is a highly skilled coach and trainer, not just on the coaching skills but on the psychological and social aspects of the individual. This to me is important because without that I would find it less useful and harder to implement. Thanks David for doing such a wonderful job." Vevet Deer, Board Director, CBHA (Feb 2010)

"David has assisted us within three key areas of our business, these include training, ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 27001 Information Security Management. His knowledge and experience in these subjects and his abilities to perform to deadlines are key to our business requirements and his practical and technical expertise has proven to be invaluable." Elaine Hanaghan, Director, UKICM
(Dec 2010)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching programme and would definitely recommend it to anyone" Abdi Mohamed, Head of Data Analysis, Skopos (Oct 2009)

"I'd highly recommend working with David as a coach as he has proven, through feedback, that he gets great results." (L&D Executive, TNS, Sep 2009)

"My coaching sessions with David allowed me to express and explore the unknown side off me which has definitely been an eye-opener! He is a great listener and was able to get me to focus on my goals even on days when I was emotionally challenged. Thanks David for helping me influence people and situations more effectively!" (HR Executive, TNS, Aug 2009)

"I feel extremely happy with what has been achieved against my initial objectives - the whole experience was extremely motivating" Client Manager, TNS, May 2009)

"When it comes to coaching, David is a natural. He guides, inspires and empowers in a way that gets results" Joy Maitland, Group Director, TNS (Dec 2007)

"Under his strong leadership the telephone centre was turned round from one that had difficulty recovering overheads to a profitable and highly regarded unit" Gaynor Montague, Director, GfK (Nov 2005)

"One of the best people managers I have had the pleasure of working for me, he has motivated, coached and provided real leadership for those that have reported into him" Jon Darby, Director, MRSL (Sep 2001)


- Education -

"David provided an excellent talk at our Oxford Brookes Coaching & Mentoring Society. He introduced and shared ideas clearly and we appreciated his enthusiasm, openness and integrity." Dr Elaine Cox, Oxford Brookes University (Oct 2013)

"David provided a very interesting and interactive session for postgraduate management students and was able to engage well with the students taking account of their different backgrounds. I would be happy to recommend him and to utilise his skills again" Tove Sorensen-Bentham, University of Brighton (Aug 2013)

"David has worked with the City Business Library for several years presenting a number of excellent seminars, and recently he has run seminars on employability for 6 groups as part of an employment training programme. David is a knowledgeable, informative and inspiring speaker and participants always give extremely positive feedback. David's seminars are interactive, increasing the learning potential of delegates, and having sat in on one session myself I can say first-hand how excellent they are. David is always well prepared, well organised and reliable - skills which are of extreme value not only to the delegates but also to the Library!" Wendy Foster, CBL (Feb 2013)

"David delivered some fantastic workshops to support our Enterprise & Employability Week here at the Portsmouth Business School. The student feedback was superb and David was a delight to work with from start to finish." Zoe Dann, University of Portsmouth (Dec 2012)

"David composed and facilitated a workshop on leadership for a senior prefect team at a school in Stratford, Newham. Based on a pretty short brief and with only one hour in which to run the session, David managed to not only cover key information on leadership, but also got the students working together through challenges in their leadership roles. The result was an informative, constructive session, which left all the students feeling better equipped for their prefect roles." Catherine Buglass, Programme Manager Youth & Education, ELBA (Oct 2012)

"David delivered a superb workshop to the clients we are supporting from Newham who are currently unemployed. His session made a great difference, supporting individuals to look at their jobsearch in different ways, providing real support to those who have struggled to find work. We received fantastic feedback on the session, which was thoroughly engaging and motivating for those attending. I would gladly recommend / endorse David's work to others and we hope to work with him again." Jonny Boux, Head of Employment & Training, Community Links (May 2012)

"David's workshops during the Summer of a Lifetime Newham programme was a tremendous contribution to the personal and social development of the young people involved. They all felt that they had benefited from the workshops and could immediately use what they had learnt in their preparation and planning of the social action project and fundraising. We are all really grateful that David was able to be a part of this process with us and would welcome him back in the future." Liana Mathurin-Brown, Newham College of Further Education (Aug 2011)

"David is able to convey key messages in a short space of time and at the same time has the ability to ensure the audience understands the key concepts so that they can utilise what is being said, he also leaves the audience wanting to find out more. He is an engaging speaker and I recommend that you use him for your event - for education purposes or in a social context. David's years of business experience is echoed in his presentations." Lena Benjamin, founder and director of onescompany.co.uk - personal and business development for women (Jun 2010)

"The Workshops were thoroughly prepared and tailored precisely to our needs. In summary it was a highly successful and motivating experience." Mary Bradfield, Head Teacher, Daiglen School (Aug 2008)

"I can wholeheartedly recommend him as a first-class teacher of adults." Richard Bradbury, Vice Principal, The Institute, North London


- Personal -

"David challenged me in order to help me help myself find new areas for growth and diversity. When I was feeling low David helped lift my spirits, gave me more confidence and made me feel more positive about my business. When we concluded our work together I definitely had a more 'can do' attitude, and generally now look at things in a more relaxed optimistic way." Small Bus. Owner (f), Herts (May 2014)

"I was leaving a business as I was really unhappy the way things were with it. I was worn out and felt at rock bottom in knowing how to deal with the aggression and strong character of a business partner. I contacted David as a last resort. David help me realise how well I had actually done in negotiating the end of the business, giving me confidence in my abilities and realising you don't have to 'shout' to get what you want and be heard. I have now started a new business which is going well. I can't thank David enough." Small Bus. Owner (m), Essex (Sep 2012)

"I am very happy with the professional and effective coaching service provided. David listened carefully and asked great questions to allow me to explore my issues in ways I just wouldn't have if working on it on my own. This is the clearest I've been about my business in ten years." Ruth Boyd, West Midlands (Apr 2012)

"I cannot say enough how good David was, and how grateful I am to him for spending the time with me. I really learnt a lot about myself and it has done the world of good for my confidence and will only put me in a stronger position to now carry my career forward and make up for lost time. I would rate him 10 out of 10 and would say that if anyone every needs a session like I had or ones similar that he should be the one to take it. Thank you David." Account Manager (m), London W1 (Jun 2011)

"The sessions were like powerful conversations, flowing easily, yet full of liberating and empowering moments for myself. I found David's role play exercises very valuable, and his questioning skills were great, especially their timing and poignancy. He challenged me expertly in a sensitive, yet robust way, which was balanced by his unwavering support and enthusiasm. Thanks to David, I am very happy with where I am in setting up my business!" Silke Endacott, Herts (Feb 2011)

"David's unique coaching showed me how to remain confident when answering interview questions. So much so that I received two job offers at the same time! In a short space of time David has helped me to understand me and to feel happy about being me. I cannot thank David enough for his help, and I look forward to working with David again as his sessions always made me feel happy, calm and relaxed. I would definitely recommend David." RD (m), London (Aug 2010)

"Coaching with David made me realise that I could influence something at work where before the coaching I thought there was nothing I could have changed. This realisation made me feel empowered and much more in control of my own life. It gave me strength to face the challenges which I had avoided for weeks. David is persistent, clear, focused, friendly, challenging and very patient which helped me to overcome my resistance towards my problems and made me see things from a different perspective. Thank you David!" Aska Kolton, Team Leader, London (Oct 2009)

"David encouraged me to see that by making a plan and taking small steps forward, the completion of a project becomes far less overwhelming and more achievable. The coaching was very effective....David helped me to be more confident and to look forward to the future with his non judgemental, supportive, challenging, relaxed, creative, flexible, patient, caring and open style. I would highly recommend to anyone!" Karen Conway, Nutritional Sciences Division, King's College London (Sep 2009)

"David has enabled me to build confidence and to strengthen my skills in areas of my corporate practice where I need support in connecting with my unique abilities and capabilities. As a coach David is an asset to any corporation or practice. Investing in 'David type' coaching would enable the business to have a valuable return in its investment for its employees and associates" Tesse Akpeki, Consultant (Aug 2008)

"I am in the process of setting up my own yoga business and was introduced to David Finney through someone I work with, I had a good idea of the way that I wanted the business to evolve but somehow lacked the confidence to see it through and to recognise my strengths and how to use them to achieve the results that I wanted to achieve. David has helped me to find out how to use my strengths and to draw on them in times of lacking confidence. I found the sessions very inspiring" Amanda Menezes, London SE2 (Aug 2008)

"I feel I have achieved so much that I couldn't have achieved without your help" IP (f), London (Jul 2008)

"The sessions were like a beacon; keeping me on track whilst working towards my overall goal ... I would gladly recommend David, and would work with him again." Cheryl Hopkins, London E11 (Sep 2008)